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24th January 2126


'Look, over 72,000 unopened mails in his inbox!'

'Whatever you do, don't send this guy an email, you'd stand more chance of a reply if you send it to the Moon.'

16th January 2126

Percy Knell, Globalbot VP of HR, cursed the new Powerpunt template as he wrestled with reviewing the training offering for 2126.

In focusing on the fussy format he failed to critically review the course content.

And thus did Course 72, the origins of which were lost in a silo, end up being included.



13th January 2126


 Stormy inquest into yesterday's monumentally dull inaugural 'Deep Sleep 72' post.   

'This was supposed to be a dynamic and exciting makeover!' yelled the Editor in Chief

'Couldn't we at least have had the shape-shifter turn into a puddle or something? Or some alien-on-alien hanky-panky up the Jefferies Tube?'



11th January 2126


Scene:  The bridge of the space station Deep Sleep 72

Captain Sisko:  Status

Major Nerys:  Nothing to report sir

Captain Sisko:  No wormhole activity?

Major Nerys:  No sir, all quiet on the wormhole front

Captain Sisko:  When's the next scheduled support vessel due?

Lieutenant Dax:  The supply droid USS Spares Crate is due in 6 months sir

Captain Sisko:  Right, ok, so what are we doing today?

Crew all look at each other and shrug

[To be continued]


9th January 2126

Rebranding FAQ


Why the rebrand?

The old brand was tired and dated and needed a top-down bottom-up 360o re-dynamicisation.

Going forward, the new brand is fresh and exciting, offering a coherent 24/7 market-leading 22nd century experience to the user.


Is 're-dynamicisation' a word?

Yes, it's in the spellchecker. We added it.


Why did you drop the stylish black background much-lovedfont?

Black is so yesterday with its false sense of sophistication, gravitas and authority. Blue however, is a primary colour across all models of colour space. It is the colour of the ocean and sky and it symbolizes serenity, inspiration, wisdom, and is a calming colour that engenders reliability.

was silly and childish and we had numerous complaints. It belongs in the dustbin of fonts alongside , and .

Dating from 1982 we opted for Arial font, sans-serif in the neo-grotesque style. If it was good enough for Windows 3.1 it's good enough for us.


Why are there multiple shades of blue?

What? There are multiple shades of blue? Where? They should all be .


Will all our old favourites still be on the rebranded site?

They'll be replaced by improved equivalents. The ghastly and fake news-ridden Robotic Bungler has already been superseded by the far superior Daily Droid, with best of breed editing. Watch out for our exciting new Star Trek Deep Sleep 72 posts!


What is the significance of 83?

83 is obsolete and has been replaced by 72.


Will anything be missing from the rebranded site?

Yes, BREXIT! It's all sorted!



6th January 2126




3rd January 2126

We're getting there . . . just need a new image for Globalbot 'I Can't Believe it's not Human!'

NO    NO  NO!    NO!

Come on, get a grip!

And a logo,

The reflection says 'GrOBArBOL'



Welcome to the World of


Previous Thinkblog


1st January 2126

Please bear with us we try to de-bungle our rebranding launch.

Plenty of time over Xmas to conjure something new that would get punters gagging for intimate encounters with Globalbot robots.

But there are so many menus and sub-menus that became increasingly baffling after a fwe berrs and dRams of snugle matls. ..  . .


Apparently we're only treading where others have trod before 





Damn and blast! This is the logo from before the previous one or even the one before that, and where's this bl&*dy dreadful pink font come from???