Lots of Questions, not many answers . . . . yet.



What happens when it becomes cheaper to employ a robot than a human for manual labour?

What will happen to the millions of manual and semi-skilled humans (worldwide)?



Industrial robots can be put behind protective screens and interlocked and covered with emergency-off (EMO) buttons.

How will powerful robots at large in the community be made safe?

Gardening robots (Hortibots)?

Unmanned truckbots?


How will we be able to stop old dears or anti-robot protesters constantly hitting robot EMO buttons?



How much trust will people be prepared to put in Medibots?

Will Medibots replace GPs in first-line care?

Will we ever allow 100% robotic surgery?

Will human surgeons as we know them disappear?

Will tiny Surgibots enter people and climb around inside carrying out operations?

Could such tiny robots permanently enter the human body and provide various maintenance and diagnostic functions?



Will the wealthy nations be able to replace human armed forces with robotic armies?

Will lesser nations be able to do anything about this?



Will midget Intellibots enable 100% monitoring of everything? (Little Robo-Brother is watching you)?

Will this crush civil liberties?

Will this enable even more severe totalitarian states to exist?

Will the testimony of a robot be admissible in court?



What happens when robots attain computational capacity many times beyond that of a human?

Will they become intellectually powerful?

(Some call such creatures Artillects).


Philosophical/ Religious

If robots become 'alive' then will they wonder where they came from?

Will they ask us why we created them?

Will they be innocent of original sin?

Will they fear death (or rebooting)?


Like I said, if you thought PCs changed the world, wait until robots turn up.


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