Welcome to the Chamber of Robotic Horrors

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All things bright and mechanical,

All robots great and small,

All things wire and electrical,

Mankind has made them all.


Each droid that cleans the carpets,

Each cyberborg that sings,

Man made their glowing colours,

He made their sticky-out things.

(All things bright, etc)




The furry cuddly Toybot,

That's warm and cuddles in,

Has replaced the smelly hampster,

That departed in the bin.

(All things bright, etc)




We gave them eyes to see us,

And lips that they might speak,

Along with ears to hear us,

So we can call them 'freak'.

(All things bright, etc)




They work when it's sub-zero,

For very little cash,

They are our metal heroes,

Until their code doth crash.

(All things bright, etc)



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