Something dreadful in your immediate vicinity is about to happen.
General sign indicating hazard.
Beware, multiple confusing roundabouts ahead.
Beware biological hazard.
Beware remotely controlled equipment.




Text Box: Welcome to my hazard sign page.  Due to the lack of competition it is without question the most exciting hazard page anywhere in the universe.  The yellow tells you the official meaning (zzzzzzzzzzzz), the green are what I think.

Thin people only beyond this point.
Beware risk of crushing.

Beware rude jokes about compressed gas.

Beware corrosive.

You wait ages for a meteorite, and then 3 turn up at once.

Oh no, what's happened to your toes?
Beware of attack from above by carnivorous aerial zed.

Looks like fish for tea tonight then.
Harmful to the environment.

Do not bite straight into a tomato.

Beware magic match that burns from the middle.

Beware of giant snowflake.

Whatever you're thinking is probably wrong.
Beware irritant.

If it's moving it's probably attached to a horse.

and beware of unfriendly robot!

Beware ear-tickling zone.

Beware of hollering toddler.
Beware non-ionising radiation.

Beware - your head is on fire.

Robotic haircuts available here.
Overhead fixed obstruction.

Beware of dark angels.

Beware clubbing mast.
Beware RF radiation transmitter.

Long queue at the canteen.
Beware toxic material/ Beware poison.

Beware sadist with hosepipe.

That'll teach you to ride your bike in bare feet.
Beware entanglement hazard.

Never get frustrated with a big heavy robot (especially if turned off.)

Thinkbot says always heed the warning triangle.  It's trying to tell you something even if you're not interested.  One may save your life one day! (Well, not the triangle itself of course, that'll just stay stuck on the wall or a pole or whatever.  I meant one might stop you doing something or going somewhere that'll cause your socks to pop.)  (Unless, on the other hand, you're not wearing socks, in which case you may be 100% invulnerable.  I'm not sure, I'll have to check and get back to you.)

Beware corrugated dance floor.
Beware fragile roof.

Warning!  As lovely as the BSi people are, and vital as the nature of their work is, I am afraid to say their website is one of the least interesting in the Galaxy (to the casual visitor).
Beware getting sucked down a plughole (Northern Hemisphere Version).














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Beware of overhead loads.
Large delivery of chocolate (well, one can always hope).
Beware ultra violet radiation.
Beware toppling hazard.
Beware liquid spray.
Beware ionising radiation.
Beware oxidising material.
Beware of sudden loud noises.
Beware of height.
Beware strong magnetic field.
Beware of maniac with super-soaker.
Beware of laser beam.
Beware low temperature.
Beware (or even better turn around) -  line dancers ahead.
Beware hot surface.
Beware flammable material.
Beware explosive material.
Beware electricity.
Danger of death by electrocution from power lines.
Beware of falling objects.
Always check canteen soup acidity levels before committing oneself.
Beware compressed gas.
Beware under valued colleague carrying a mace.