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Welcome to the world of Thinkbot, the world's   first sentient robot - a thinking, feeling being in a tin can . . .  a world of high-tech industrial chaos, small robotic furry pets, politicians on the edge of a nervous breakdown and robots of mass destruction.

Thinkbot owes his existence to a glitch in the Globalbot fabrication plant in which hortibots, waiterbots, plumberbots and militaribots are created to supply the needs of a world where all physical activity, including warfare, is undertaken by robots. When he escapes and finds sanctuary in the dysfunctional family of its technical supremo GAT, all hell begins to break loose and what started out as an electronic error explodes into a drama on an international stage.

By turns, dramatic, manic and hilarious, David Tossell's novel is perceptive, futuristic satire in which an all-too-recognisable present is projected into an awesome future.

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