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In 2110 Toybots form a huge part of the robotic entertainment sector. It is a 100-billion+ market worldwide. Toybots are a logical combination of traditional toys with PCs. Why sit at a PC looking at a flat screen playing something like The Sims when you could have working scale model to play with using real midget robots? Likewise why sit watching cartoons when you can own the characters and they can act out interactive entertaining stories right there in your living room? Why build a trainset when midget robots can do so and keep it maintained and running to a permanent timetable?


Perhaps more sinister - why would you have a smelly expensive pet dog when you can have a clean and well-behaved near-identical robot version that never dies, does not need food nor a daily walk, and can have its adaptive personality memory regularly backed-up and reloaded onto replacement hardware without little Tommy noticing.



An ancient 20th century robotic Toybot ancestor. Looks like a cross between a dog and Darth Vader, but you gotta start somewhere!

Against all available legal and medical advice, I have allowed the Toybots from Thinkbot speak for themselves (TB):



I was asembled and bilt in eAstasia and shiped to s'Hetgoentognetognebosch in Holand weher GAT bort me on a Twnining Twip from Poort 'is hed. I blong to Opal. Lukly I speek inglish but am sadlee laking riting skils.



I com from Boots and beelong to MIKE. MIKE is very LOUD so mi audio receptors ave long sins blone up. i am luky mi hed 'as never cort fire du to this fawlt.



Dear Sir, In repsonce to yore unwelcome complant about the smel from my muxhroom farm i would point that evri mesure is taked to rejuice the impakt on sirounding nosez.

(Ed. - Apologies - Fudge is clearly confused (again))




Ratty grately enlarged

Hello, I am Ratty and I be- HOLD ON! There's a LION coming . . I'm off!


Mr Eddie Tedward  TSc (Hons)  MTSc  MRST.

Hello, my name is Eddie Tedward and I belong to Gerald. It often falls to me as the most responsible and emotionically mature Toybot to take some ownership of my idiotic colleagues. In anticipation of the banal nonsense that is more than likely to be written elsewhere on this page by my fellow Toybots, may I offer in advance my sincere and heart-felt apologies for any offence or confusion caused herewith.

I remain yours Etc.





i am a hors. ther4 i only xist for 6 resons:

  1. galoping

  2. more galoping

  3. yet meore galoping

  4. beatin Midnite @ galoping

  5. avode nasti pile-ups wile galoping

  6. trip up midnite when the stupid idoit dolt oat-muching twepr is not luking.



i am a hors. ther4 i only xist for 6 resons:

  1. g'loping

  2. more g'loping

  3. even more g'loping

  4. beatin Chestnit @ gl'oping

  5. avode nasti piel-ups wilest g'loping

  6. trip up Chestnit when the imbeesil fuol dunderhed bran-slobering mulch-brane is not luking.

Surely that's enough of this tripe? - TB


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