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I believe is is wrong that 50,000 people die from poverty every day.

30,000 of these are Children.  

For the richest countries in the world see:

For the poorest countries in the world see:

Last time I checked the richest was 11o times richer than the poorest.

That's 110, one hundred and ten, i.e. ONE HUNDRED AND TEN times more wealthy.

Even for a non-quite the richest country like the UK you are still 55 times (FIFTY FIVE) times more wealthy than the poorest countries.  That means if you think 20 is a lot for a computer game then it would cost someone the equivalent of 1100 to buy it in the poor country.  Or, looking it the other way around, if you you are paid 20,000 in the UK then in one of these poorest countries you'd be paid the equivalent of 363 per year, that's 363 (three hundred and sixty three pounds per year).  That's pocket money!  7 a week.  Could you live on 7 a week?  Let me tell you it's a darned sight easier to die on 7 a day than it is to live.

If you think that's fair.  If you think you are 55 times more worthwhile than someone else just because you were lucky enough to be born in a certain country . . . don't read on.

Here's another one!!!!

Or  . . for every infant that dies in the best country, 84 die in the worst, but I doubt they are 84 times less valuable.  I wonder what it would be like if they met in the afterlife?  Don't you think the 84 might have a few choice things to say to the Privileged One?

It only takes a few minutes searching on 'Poverty' in Google or reading of articles like those often on the BBC or (again) the BBC, before you realise we have hardly scratched the surface of justice and equality.

I think we should MAKE POVERTY HISTORY!

If you want to help then help relief agencies such as Unicef or the Red Cross or Oxfam.

If you like children then don't go to NSPCC; sometimes it's better not to know.

If you suffer from compassion fatigue then get some emotional fitness training!


It says there are more slaves worldwide than there were when Willy the Wilberforce got slavery banned (in the UK anyway) in 1807!!!!)

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