A Novel by David Tossell

Thinkbot is the world’s first sentient robot – a thinking, feeling, spiritual, compassionate, human-like being in a tin can. The world into which Thinkbot emerges is one of advanced high-tech, where all manual work and related activity is carried out by robots: waiterbots, plumberbots, hortibots …  There are even robotic furry pets. More worryingly robots of mass destruction now constitute the ultimate weapon of the new world order.

Thinkbot owes his existence to a glitch in the manufacturing process at the plant where he was assembled. He escapes and finds refuge in the dysfunctional family of the factory’s technical supremo, GAT, whose wife is a member of ‘Go Natural’, the international anti-robot organisation. As a consequence he becomes the catalyst for a major family conflict in the making, and all hell breaks loose with the action reaching a state of crisis of global proportions.

Thinkbot is not so much a work of science fiction as a comical, futuristic satire where the all too recognisable signs of increasing automation, globalisation and manic corporate life are projected into a future, where the world is teetering on the edge of oblivion.

In case the robotic world at the heart of this novel seems far fetched, recent articles in the press have highlighted such new developments as robotic vehicles that drive themselves for use by the US armed forces in Iraq, and a robotic fish that can be seen swimming around in the aquarium at London zoo.

In this, his first novel, Author David Tossel has written a charming, amusing and satirical work aimed at young and old (recommended age 15 and upwards), that moves with great pace and colour through a vividly painted world of the future, within which some very basic moral and existential issues are, by implication, raised.

David writes with some considerable insight into the world he depicts. He has a PhD in Physics and has been a senior engineer specialising in automated processes for multi-national high-tech manufacturing company for the past 15 years.

ISBN 1-84289-040-2

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